Experience & Expertise

In the past 12 months, McAllister has conducted dozens of focus groups, internet surveys, phone polls and stakeholder studies in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Global Technology Stakeholders

Assessment of investor, regulator and academic reaction in North America, Europe and Asia to new products developed by a global technology company headquartered in Chicago.

Forestry Products Market Research

Research in Japan, UK, Germany, France and the U.S. on the consumer market for environmentally sound wood products for a Swiss-based forestry products company.

Issues Management: Food Safety

Assessment of the U.S. consumer reaction to health and safety issues in the areas of food and agriculture for a North American food industry group.

Supply Chain Management

Interviews with leading international executives on a new approach to supply chain management for a global manufacturing company headquartered in Germany.

Branding & Positioning

Focus groups and web surveys on communications, branding, product concepts, and corporate image for various corporate and NGO clients.

Market Strategy: Video-on-Demand

North American marketing and distribution strategy research for a Korean-based on-line media company.

Corporate Reputation Study

Stakeholder interviews with regulatory officials and NGOs in five nations on the reputations of various Fortune 500 client firms based in the U.S.

Opinion Poll: Environmental Values

Opinion polls on public attitudes towards sustainable forestry practices for an internationally known U.S. policy think tank.

Ad Tracking Research

Ad tracking polls, focus groups and background research on consumer behavior regarding various environmental issues for a major Canadian communications and advertising firm.

Sustainability Research & Climate Change

A study of consumer attitudes on green economy messaging and branding for a major environmental foundation.

Focus Groups: Retail Marketing

Focus Groups to test new marketing strategies and messaging for various retail clients, including a leading North American car company.

"McAllister's meticulous and passionately pursued work significantly enhanced the credibility of our research, which we are using to guide a multi-million dollar investor education strategic plan. We have no hesitation in highly recommending McAllister to those who need a creative problem solvers dedicated to finding answers to their strategic questions."
Michael Bernard, Manager, Communications, British Columbia Securities Commission, Vancouver